Gaelic Song Competition

The Clan Currie Cultural Tent will host the Second Annual Gaelic Song Competition this year – and the Gaelic Workshops return also!

Saturday, October 28th
2pm – 5pm Gaelic Song Competition
Liam Ó Caiside, Judge
The Gaelic song competition welcomes anyone who wants to try their hand (or voice!) at singing a Scottish Gaelic song. We try to keep the competition low key and make it fun for everyone – competitors as well as spectators.

The rules are simple:
1. Sing one Scottish Gaelic song, preferably a slow one like a waulking song, rowing song, lullaby, òran mòr, or lament.
2. The competitors must supply the judge with a copy of the Gaelic words to their songs. They should also supply an English translation.
3. It is preferred that songs be learned by heart prior to the competition without the need to refer to written text.
4. Please keep the songs to a reasonable length.

Sunday, October 29th
1pm – 1:30pm Gaelic Song Workshop – John Grimaldi
1:30pm – 2pm Speaking Gaelic! – John Grimaldi

Come sing with us and learn about the first language of the Scots!


Clan Currie is proud to sponsor the Clan Currie Cultural Tent, which hosts the Fiddle, Harp and Gaelic Song Competitions! The Currie bardic family, anciently MacMhuirich, preserved by hand much of the earliest accounts of Scotland’s history and today supports Scottish heritage and culture in North America and in Scotland! We are pleased to provide shelter from the elements to the competitors, judges and audience!