General Information

  • Tickets Purchased at  $15/Day, $25/2 Day in advance.  $20/Day, $30/ 2 Day at Gates
  • Event Dates: October 28th 9am-6pm and 29th from 9am-5pm
  • Pets allowed with proper paperwork and $5 fee
  • Free Parking
  • Handicap Parking Available
  • Live Music all day, Dance Competitions, Harp Competitions
  • British Car and Motorcycle Show
  • All Ages Event/Under 12 free
  • Rain or Shine Event

14 thoughts on “General Information

  1. We have seating at the main stage, at the field an in the food area. You are welcome to bring a chair if you would like! Best advice is come early so that you can get around to seeing all the wonderful events!!

  2. If they have up to date tags they will be good to go! If the tags are not up to date then you will need paperwork from the vet stating that they are up to date on shots!

  3. If you have up to date shot tags you will be good, if you do not have the tags you will need a paper from the vet office stating that the dog is up to date on their shots!

  4. No, actually owe do not allow any weapons unless they are with one of our attractions (ex: flying axe show with a certificate of insurance), or if they are mounted inside a tent and are of historical significance to one of our clans/societies.

  5. So, you can bring knives, daggers, stilletos, sgian dubh’s, swords, axes, tomahawks, ballisongs, maces, whips, chains, war hammers, war clubs of various design, shields, tazers etc, but not firearms? Do you fail to see the irony and idiocy in that? You need to change that “rule”.

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