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For more information, Please Contact Stokes McCune: or 804.356.1093

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  1. We have for some years always had a Clan Leatherneck tent at the Games.
    Will we hear from you regarding the Clan Tents in the near future?

  2. Hi. I was wondering if you have a Scentsy vendor already signed up for the Celtic festival this year. If not I would like more information on being a vendor. If you do already have a Scentsy rep I would still like the information as I also make and sell hairbows. I will look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you
    Rachel Carpenter
    Independent Scentsy Consultant
    Owner at Southern Bows and Accessories

  3. Hi Stokes
    Thanks for keeping this great show going!
    Please make sure you send me a vendor app.
    I have been doing this show 14 years.

    Frank Durantaye
    The hat guy

  4. This is Linda from House of Douglas Bakery
    I would like to vend. I am looking forward to more info
    Linda Waddell
    House of Douglas Bakery

  5. I am a food vendor that has been participating in the Richmond Highland Games – Meadow Highland Games & Celtic Festival for the last 10 yrs. I would like to participate in the new festival at the raceway this Oct. I can provide the traditional menu items. Please let me know if I can help you as a food vendor. Thanks! Roy DeGrange 301-639-2501

  6. Hello,
    I’m Josiah Hunter, President of the Scottish Society of Tidewater. I’m also on the Board of Trustees for the St. Andrews Society of Tidewater. I’m also involved with several other Scottish/Celtic Organizations including the 76th Regiment of Foote, MacDonald’s Highlanders Historical Re-enactment group, the Scots Gaelic Speakers Society of Tidewater and the Hampton Roads Hurling Club.
    All these very active organizations have expressed how happy they are you have been able to save the Richmond Games from the unfortunate circumstances that befell the State Fair. With that if you feel any of the above listed organizations can be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Moran taing,
    Josiah “Skip” Hunter
    President, Scottish Society of Tidewater
    Board of Trustee’s, St. Andrews Society of Tidewater
    Level 1&2 Instructor, Scots Gaelic Society of Tidewater
    76th Regiment of Foote, MacDonald’s Highlanders Historical Society
    Hampton Roads Hurling Club

  7. I understand that more info is forthcoming, but in the meantime, I know a number of potential solo competitors that have written off this comp due to no mention of piping or band entry

    1. I hope that you have been able to register since you sent this!
      Sorry for the delay. We are registered with uspba and Helen Harlow
      Has graciously been lining up the judges and competition


  8. Are youall the latest reincarnation of the Richmond Games/Meadow Games? I just discovered your sites – will you be contacting clan reps from the old games or do we just respond to the 2 sites? thanks

  9. Hi my name is Gary Hillard and I own a BBQ business here in New Kent Va. called the
    Scottish Pig. I specialize in chopped pork sandwiches, plates and a BBQ sundae.
    I can also do Brunswick stew, Smoked Turkey Legs, Scottish Eggs. I’m licensed
    and insured. I have done different events the latest being the Pamunkey River
    Wine Festival at Saude Creek.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Gary Hillard
    aka The Scottish Pig

  10. Is it too late to register to be a vendor at this event? If not how can I purchase a table area?
    Thank you

    1. Let me know what information you need and we will send it to you right away! Are you looking for vendor or clan registration?

  11. Our reenactment group, the 76th Regiment of Foot (MacDonald’s Highlanders) would be interested in providing a living history presentation. Please let us know if you would like us to come and set up a mini-encampment and educate visitors about the participation of the Highland Regiments in the defense of Virginia in 1781.

  12. I was trying to find out if I will need to buy a ticket for my infant son for this event and what the price is for a child’s ticket for a 7 year old. Thanks.

  13. Are advanced ticket sales up and running as in the past? If so, how to locate on the website? Any savings getting ahead or pay at the gate? Thanks, a new-bee at this stuff, but want to attend.

  14. Hi,
    Several of us have brought our Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds in the past and would like to again – what are your rules concerning dogs?

    Heather Burns

  15. I will be in Virginia during this weekend and would really LOVE to come out and see my FAVORITE band : SEVEN NATIONS.

    Do you not have a schedule of events yet? A listing of which stage and what time music will be playing?

    I would really love to know this information so I can schedule accordingly.

    Thanks so much, looking forward to attending!


  16. Will the bikes and cars of the British isles be there this year?

    So happy the festival is back at Strawberry Hill where it belongs! Can’t wait for Oct 20 and 21!

  17. In the pass, I’ve done Border Collie herding demos at the Celtic Event held at the State Fairgrounds in Doswell, Va.! Recently,when I was performing at the Celtic Festival in Warrenton; a lady asked me, if I’d be interested in doing likewise at the Celtic at the RIR, and I responded yes! Please let me know, if this is the case! in faith, Karen

  18. Where in the heck is the Festival to be held! Where and when may I purchase tickets. I have never missed a Festival and I do not want to start now!!!!

    1. The festival will be at Richmond International Raceway, 600 E Laburnum Ave. Purchase tickets at or day of the festival.

  19. I have already registered our clan to participate and have reserved a 10×10 tent space. Does this include a 10×10 tent? Last year was the first time I represented Clan Mackintosh in central Virginia, and I remember that I had to seperately rent a tent. What’s the deal on tents this year? I am prepared to bring my own if necessary.

    1. The fee does include a very nice 10×10 tent.
      If you need table and chairs please let me know!

      We are not associated with last years event. Please let us
      Know if we can help with anything else. Thanks for the


  20. I am gathering pertinent details about the festival in order to plan this as an event for the Richmond Catholic Singles:

    Your website does not seem to indicate timpes per day when the games open and close… Please advise.

    Also, Tickets are $15 and $25 dollars is that for one and two day admission? or is there some other designation?

    Thank You for your assistance!

    Sincerely :-),

    Maureen Kelley

  21. Hi I recently mailed out an application and check to be a part of your festival, however I just realized that I mailed you a check from the wrong account (which is no longer active) If you could please destroy this check I will mail out the correct check or $ order ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Heather Gallia

  22. Hi My name is Mark Taber

    And I sell vintage irish clothing … and I was wondering if you had any vendor space available

    Can you please let me know
    thank you
    Mark Taber

  23. The past festivals had a royal clansman ticket that included a parking pass which was closer to the event.. Do you have something like that?

    1. This festival is not associated with the festival that was previously held at Meadow Event Park. We are excited to bring our festival to Richmond. We hope to see you there!


  24. I see that the hours are 9-6 both days, but there isn’t any schedule of events posted – when are the heavy athletics? what time and which day are what bands playing? When is the drumming and piping competitions? Is this a way to try and get people to buy 2 day tickets??

    1. We will have heavy athletics both days. We also have the bands both days. Cutthroat Shamrock can only play on Saturday but all other bands are playing both days. Piping and Drumming Competitions are on Saturday. We are finalizing all the times now. We have added tons of extras to the festival such as hurling and rugby matches (Sunday Only), historical demonstrations and more! The schedule will be posted before the end of this week!! We would love to see you one or both days!

  25. Hi I am part of Americorps, a service organization, and my group of 10 or so was wondering if there are any volunteer opportunities with the festival? We think the festival sounds fantastic and would love to help out and be part of it. Thank you!

  26. Your site says that proof of rabies vaccination is required for dogs to attend. Are the tags supplied by the vet when the vaccines are given acceptable or do you need proof on paper? I don’t want to drive two hours with her and find that she can’t get in.


  27. I would like some more info on participating int eh heavy athletics. What is the cost/requirements. Can you enter as a sole competitor, are there prizes etc. Do you have to wear a kilt, really anything you think I would need to know.

    1. Please come through GATE 4 off Laburnum Ave. There will be a Participant Check in at that gate all day Friday and Saturday Morning!

  28. My husband and I had a great time yesterday at the 2012 Celtic fest. So glad you put it on again!!! Somethings that would have made it nicer: copies of the map and schedule with your admission fee; shade from the direct sun or tables with umbrellas to listen to the bands. Also, while some people enjoy cigars and smoking, it caused us to leave early. Would you be able to feature smoking in a separate area so the rest of us aren’t affected? Thank you so much for your consideration.

    1. Thank you so much for attending and so much for your feedback! I think both sound like great suggestions for next year! Keep in touch — we begin plans for next year today!

  29. A great event this year at RIR. The rugby was a nice addition. We certainly did miss having an announcer during all of the field events. This is very helpful for the spectators.


  30. I agree with JRE above me, some shade would have been nice at least while eating. I am nursing sunburn blisters on the back of my neck right now because of being in the glaring sun all day with nowhere to get out of it. I also agree with the smoking. Even outdoors, having cigar and cigarette smoke blown on you from every direction was quite unpleasant with asthma. I designated area for smoking would be much nicer. Thanks again for having it. Other than those issues, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

  31. Festival was a blast as always. Any prospect of going back to the Meadowlands? Or if not, holding it at a different spot at RIR that has some buildings for some inside vendors or competitions (and some break from the sun)? Whiski tasting, food, and vendors were all great!

    1. If you are a part of a Clan at the festival a tent is included with your registration. Chairs are not included but can be added to your registration!


  32. My husband and I are planning to attend the festival this year. We are senior citizens and would like more information on what arrangements have been made for us “old folks”, such as parking and places to sit to enjoy the entertainment and rest awhile. Will there be much walking between venues or are they in close proximity to each other? We look forward to hearing from you.

    Jean Matthews

    1. Jean,

      We are happy to hear you will be joining us at the festival. If you need any assistance with Parking Please let a parking attendant know. They will be able to get a golf cart to you to assist you to the festival. We also have a special handicap parking area. There are seats set up by the music stage as well as in the Food Court, and we also have bleachers by the Games Field, the Flying Axe Show and at the Dance Stage.

      Everything is in close proximity to each other but we are always around to help if you need some extra assistance.

      See you soon!

    1. If you register as a Clan you will receive a 10×10 tent with registration. Vendors registration does not include a tent but give us a call if you need one and we can set you up!

      I hope that answers your question!!

  33. Saw the pet registration is across from parking. Is there different area to park if bringing a pet?

    Read an earlier post that rabbies cert is required… anything else?


    1. The pet registration is at the main gate where the main parking lot is. The other parking lot is for volunteers so where you park will be the entrance with pet check in!

      Please bring proof of rabies vac and a non-retractable leash!!


  34. What paper work is needed if you bring a dog to the Highland games event. I believe just proof of rabies shots but wanted to be 100% sure before getting out there.


    1. Just proof of rabies vaccination and please remember that we cannot allow retractable leashes so please be sure that you have a non-retractable leash with you!

      See you this weekend!

  35. I’m looking forward to the festival this weekend! Is there a schedule of heavy athletics, rugby, and/or hurling for Saturday?

    1. Rugby will be at 1:15 on Sunday and the Hurling Workshop will be at 2:45 on Sunday.

      There is also amateur Heavy Athletics at 10am on Sunday.

      Heavy Athletics will be going on all weekend. There will also be other hurling and rugby events going on throughout the festival. Once I have more information I will send it your way!

  36. We enjoyed the games this year BUT you need a much better map of the site, you need directions posted on the web site, and you need better signage on the surrounding roads. We’d like to see you bring back some of the reenactors and also add more variety to the vendors. Thanks!

    1. Thanks!! The reenactment group had to cancel at the last minute this year. We hope to see them again next year. We are always looking for great vendors although we are looking for vendors that have something different to offer than our current vendors!

      We do agree that we need better signage on the roads next year and a better map! Changes always occur last minute so we try to have it as accurate as possible but its always something that we can improve upon and we will do our best to make it as easy as possible to understand.

      Thanks so much for joining us at the festival and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Thank you so much for the feedback! It will help us to improve!!

  37. I wrote a post saturday and have not seen it. I met a wonderful and strong family Saturday while I was there. They had a young daughter who was missing an arm. I was wearing my garb and she thought I was Santa. I couldn’t find the words to express my feelings to them. If you know the family or are them, please contact me. I would like to help you all if you want it. I am on facebook as John Mesite McGinley Sincerely, John McGinley

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