Piping and Drumming Competition

We are looking forward to a great competition this year!

Proud Member of The Eastern United States Pipe Band Association

For all Piping & Drumming events such as Celidh, Mass Bands, & Duty Bands,
Chance Bell: chance.bell@grpd.us

5 thoughts on “Piping and Drumming Competition

  1. To all potential competitors,
    We are currently in the process of establishing EUSPBA sanctioning. Please check back soon for entry forms and more information regarding the competitions this Fall.

  2. The EUSPBA sanctioning process has been completed and entry forms are now available through the link at the top of this page.

  3. Was just wondering, will there be a solo piping competition at the Central Virginia Games in 2014? If so, how does a person sign up to compete? Thanks for any help you can provide in that department…

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