Highland Dance


Highland Dance Schedule:

Saturday Event Order
Primary PDB, PDB & Highcuts
Intermediate Laddie(4)
Primary & Pre Premier Fling (4)
Primary & Pre Premier Sword (2+1)
Pre Premier Sean Triubhas (3+1)
Premier Hornpipe (6)
Premier Fling (4)
Premier Sean Triubhas (3+1)
Premier Laddie(4)

Sunday Event Order
Group Choreography
Primary Dances
Premier & Intermediate Jig (4+1)
Premier Blue Bonnets(4)
Premier Village Maid(4)
Intermediate Hornpipe (5)
Premier Lilt(4)
Pre Premier Beg + Nov Half Tulloch
Pre Premier Flora (4)
Pre Premier Lilt (4)

Special Trophies
Saturday: Premier Dancer of the Day, Beginner Most Promising Dancer
Sunday: Most Promising Intermediate Hornpipe, Novice Most Promising Flora, Evelyn Craig-Case Premier Spirit of the Dance

Special Scholarships will be awarded Thanks to the Stewarts
A lunch break will be Mid-day as schedule permits


Irish Stage Schedule:


Performance Slots

11:30-12:15pm- Baffa
1:30-2:15pm- Heart of Ireland


Performance Slots
2) 11:30-12:15pm- Muggivan
3) 1:30-2:15pm- Crossroads
4) 3:00-3:45pm- Heart Of Ireland

Learn To Irish Dance

2) 12:45-1:15pm- Muggivan
3) 2:30-3:00pm- Crossroads

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